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I've always loved Sonya's original attire. It's one of the best renditions of Sonya I've seen so far on this site. The coloring is fant...

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Mickie vs Trish

Dressed in a black tank top and white shorts Mickie ran out onto the entrance ramp to a huge ovation, she pumps her fists as she sprints down the ramp and rolls into the ring. She walks past Ref Monica Brant and stands in the corner propping her elbows on the top rope.

Trish walks out to massive heat, dressed in a white long sleeve dress shirt and black pants, she taunts the fans as she struts down the ramp and climbs up the ring steps, she struts along the apron smirking at Mickie.

Mickie rushes out of the corner and goes to grab Trish, Trish delivers a knee to Mickie‘s midsection and hops off the apron driving Mickie’s throat against the top rope. The fans boo Trish. Trish rolls into the ring and stomps Mickie’s chest as she sits up. Trish pulls Mickie up by her hair and whips her into the ropes, Mickie runs off the ropes and hits Trish with a clothesline knocking her to the canvas. Mickie bends down to grab Trish, Trish rakes Mickie’s eyes, Mickie stumbles back rubbing her eyes.

Trish pushes Mickie against the ropes and delivers a series of knife-edged chops to Mickie’s chest. Mickie fires back with a knee to Trish’s midsection, she grabs Trish’s wrist and pulls her down to the canvas locking in an armbar on Trish’s right arm. Trish screams in agony as Mickie tightens her grip, desperate to free herself Trish rakes Mickie’s eyes. Mickie screams and clutches her face.

Trish gets up and stomps Mickie’s abs, she pulls Mickie up by her hair and tosses her into the corner, she grabs the top rope and presses her heel against Mickie’s throat. Gasping for air Mickie flails her arms. Trish pulls her foot away and unloads a series of knees to Mickie’s midsection. Mickie grabs Trish by the shoulders and tosses her into the corner, she delivers a knife-edged chop to Trish’s throat, Trish grunts and doubles over rubbing her throat. Mickie grabs Trish into a side headlock and drops her with a running Bulldog. Mickie grabs the waist band of Trish’s pants and starts to pull them down.

Trish slams her right leg up between Mickie’s legs. Mickie stumbles back clutching her groin. Trish runs at Mickie and connects with a elbow to her chest, Mickie stumbles back into the ropes, Trish lunges and spears Mickie through the ropes, sending them both crashing to the thinly padded ringside floor. Trish gets to her feet and stomps Mickie’s upper back, she pulls Mickie up and goes to whip her into the security barrier, Mickie reverses and sends Trish barreling into the security barrier. Trish grunts as she falls onto the barrier. Mickie grabs Trish by the waist and lifts her onto her shoulders and hits her with the Samoan Drop.

Mickie pulls Trish up by her hair and whips her face first into the steel corner post. Trish grunts and flops onto her back. Mickie climbs up onto the apron and dives off delivering an elbow drop to Trish’s chest. Mickie scoops up Trish and lays her down across the apron. Trish staggers to her feet clutching her chest. Mickie hops up onto the top turnbuckle and shouts at Trish. Trish turns arounds, Mickie jumps off the ropes into a dropkick, but Trish sidesteps, Mickie grunts as she slams onto her back.

Trish stands over Mickie and rips off her tank top, she twirls it over her head then wraps it around Mickie’s throat choking her with it. Mickie grabs Trish by the hair and slams her down onto her stomach, she gets to her feet and screams as she stomps the back of Trish’s head. Trish rolls out of the ring and smirks at Mickie. Mickie dives through the ropes and spears Trish to the floor, she grabs Trish’s pants and yanks them off and tosses them into the stands.

Trish scrambles to her feet and runs around to the other side of the ring. Mickie chases after her, Trish rolls back into the ring, as Mickie climbs in behind her Trish stomps her upper back. Trish pulls Mickie up by her hair and delivers a stiff forearm to her chest. Mickie stumbles back into the ropes, Trish charges and goes for a drop kick, but Mickie ducks it and connects with a spinning heel kick to the side of Trish’s head. Trish grunts and flops onto her stomach.

Mickie rolls Trish onto her back and stomps her midsection, she bends down and grabs Trish’s shirt collar, Trish presses her heel against Mickie’s midsection and shoves her onto her back, Trish rolls to her feet and grabs Mickie’s shorts, Mickie grabs Trish’s ankles and jerks her off her feet, Mickie gets up onto her knees and drops her knee down onto Trish’s ribs, Trish screams and clutches her side. Mickie grabs Trish’s shirt collar and rips off her shirt, she twirls it over her head and tosses it to the ringside floor.

Ref Monica raises up Mickie’s arm in victory as Mickie screams and jumps for joy. Trish staggers to her feet, her lips curled in anger, she runs up behind Mickie and clubs her across the back of her neck with her forearm, Mickie drops to her knees. Ref Monica grabs Trish by the wrist and whips her into the ropes, Trish bounces off the ropes and catches Monica with a big boot to the chest. Trish pulls Monica up by the hair and hits her with the Stratusfaction, Trish stands over Monica and flexes her arms. Mickie grabs Trish by the hair from behind and hits her with the Mickie-DT. Mickie leans down and pokes Trish in her chest, She helps Monica to her feet and helps her out of the ring. Trish lies on the canvas clutching the back of her head and writhes in agony,  Mickie and Monica stop at the head of the ramp and flex for the crowd, the fans give them a standing ovation as they disappear behind the curtain.
Thinking on working on some fights featuring characters from video games, anime and movies, etc.
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